Door Type: Panel Door

Material: Ash, Mahogany, Beech Wood, Solid, Semi-Solid & other woods

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Dexterity is one of the leading door manufacturing companies of Pakistan. We bring forth refined and graceful door designs that will add to the beauty of your homes. We have been providing you with the best possible door designs for a while now.

We proudly present our latest creation, Aric. Aric is dark brown in color, it’s made of six plain wooden panels that are separated by glass panels. The use of both wooden and glass panels turn the beauty of this door to the next level. Dark polish used on Aric has given it a more refined and polished look. It has wooden frame that surrounds it completely making it a work of art.

This single door can be used as the main entrance door, or the drawing room door.

Dexterity brings forth many designs like Aric that will bring elegance to your place. We are the best door manufacturers of Pakistan, with affordable prices.

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