Ebert Executive Table

Furniture Type: Executive Table

Size: L 72’’ X W 36’’ X H 30’’

Material: High-Quality MDF Melamine & MS Powder Coated Legs

Hardware: Drawer Locks, Handles & Channels

Fitting Type: KD Fitting

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Office furniture characterizes the standard of the office. You put tables in different areas of the office. For example, meeting rooms, reception areas, employee workplace, etc. This table enhances the beauty of the office. Imagine a situation where you meet with a customer, but unfortunately your table is in poor condition. This will leave a bad impression on your customers. Therefore, you should choose a table for your office wisely. But you don’t have to worry because we have the best executive table for you.

This table comes in a grey color. The table is made out of hardwood with MDF material that makes it keep going for quite a long time. The material makes the table sufficiently able to bear against any weight you put on it. From the surface to the base and the side rails, this table is of absolute extravagance and quality. Dexterity never compromises over quality and this table is a living illustration of this reality. The table is finished using PVC Edging technology to give incredible perfection and sparkle to this table.

It is a huge Executive table with capacity drawers and surface region, giving you abundant space to work. This table gives space for the screen just as the keyboard, and furthermore for little frills like wires, cables, and peripherals. If you like modern and simple designs and need sufficient space, this table is the ideal choice for you. It is totally magnificent for the office world. It satisfies each use that a boss might be interested in implementing in his office. It can fit on any edge of the room or even against the wall. It looks very simple, luxurious, and has charms of its own. We are the best furniture and interior design company and we make sure that you get the best furniture for your home and office.

Product Use:

It can be used in offices. It can be placed in the meeting room, reception area, boss’s room, or the director’s cabin. It can also be used in factories or other companies. You can also use it in warehouses. They are also used in homes. At home, these can be utilized for both studying and using computers.

Care Instructions:

  1. Keep the table away from places with fire like heaters or stoves.
  2. Try to keep it in places with low humidity. If kept in high humidity it may get destroyed.
  3. Do not use excessive water on it as the color might fade away. Clean it with a wet towel or cloth.
  4. Do not keep any sharp objects near it like knives or screwdrivers as they may cause damage to the material.
  5. Keep the table inside and try to keep it away from places with direct sunlight.

You can purchase this product from the best online furniture manufacturer Dexterity. You can also visit our Facebook or Instagram page to order this executive table. Don’t miss the chance and buy this beautiful table at a very reasonable price from Dexterity.


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