Festus Manager Table

Furniture Type: Manager Table

Size: L 60’’ X W 36’’ X H 30’’

Material: High-Quality MDF Melamine & MS Powder Coated Legs

Hardware: Drawer Locks, Handles & Channels

Fitting Type: KD Fitting

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Considering that you usually work most of the day in the office, the desk allows you to sit at the right angle and work comfortably. In addition to being comfortable, it’s also important that the table highlights your work. There is a large selection of desks for home and business applications, and here is the best one.

This is one of the perfect works of the best online furniture company Dexterity. This manager table comes in brown and white color. It has a lot of space to put all the stuff you want on it. It also has three drawers, enough to store all your files and documents. Gadgets like laptops, computers, fax, scanner, printer, telephone, and copiers can all be placed on them without any problem. Still, it will have a perfect space left for a lamp. It has various storage spaces like drawers, cabinets, etc.

This table offers a relaxed working position. This table can bear a lot of weight. It is large enough for doing complicated tasks on it. It has room to sit on either side with a lot of space to put everything you want.

It is made up of MDF material and it is a strong material and due to it, the table will stay at your home or office for ages. Its legs are metallic which come with MS Powder coating to make them look luxurious. Finishing is done with PVC edging technology which makes it shinier and brighter. It is made with a lot of effort and brilliance and you will see it yourself after buying this elegant and classy table.

We the best online manufacturers Dexterity make sure that you get the best and new furniture designs every day at very reasonable prices. If you buy this table we are sure you will want more furniture from us because we have furniture of all shapes, designs, sizes and according to the taste of everyone.

Product Use:

This table has a lot of uses. It is ideal for group meetings, functions, and conferences. It is an excellent choice for both home and office use. This table is also perfect for novelists, writers, architects, and artists. This table can also be used in huge companies in boss’s room or meeting rooms. It can also be kept in factories or warehouses. You can also keep the table at your home and use it for writing bills and reading novels.

Care Instructions:

  1. High humidity is not good for its material so try to keep the table in a place with low humidity.
  2. Do not keep the table in direct sunlight.
  3. Excessive use of water can be proved dangerous for the table. Try to clean it with a wet towel or cloth.
  4. Keep it away from places with fire. Do not keep any heater near it as the material might get damaged.
  5. Keep sharp objects away from the table to prevent damage.

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