Fonzo Executive Table

Furniture Type: Executive Table

Size: L 72’’ X W 36’’ X H 30’’

Material: High-Quality MDF Melamine & MS Powder Coated Legs

Hardware: Drawer Locks, Handles & Channels

Fitting Type: KD Fitting

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Imagine your office without tables, how irritating will that be. You will have no place to put things when you need to sit easily and work. Maybe your PC will be put on the floor while you work on it.  Desks are designed to meet different needs. With the improvement of furniture structure, desks of different types, designs, and sizes are being launched regularly. So it is hard to choose one. But we have made it easy for you and have one of the best executive tables for you.

This table is brown and white in color. This table will be proved valuable for your office as this is eye-catching. It is a treat to have in your office. This desk is another meaning of style and work. It is an extremely exemplary and stylish table.

The material of the table should be carefully picked as its quality will decide the quality and sturdiness of the table when it’s done. So we have chosen to make our table with MDF material that is best for tables. The table is finished utilizing PVC Edging technology to give extraordinary perfection to the table. It has different compartments for keeping the monitor, CPU, and console and still it will have a lot of space for any other product you want to keep on it. We are sure that you will love this table as we are the best furniture company based in Lahore, Pakistan. We have the best interior designers who keep on making new and wonderful furniture designs for you. We make sure that your money is in the right hands.  You can get this incredible table at a very reasonable price right now.

Product Use:

This table can be used by managers and supervisors. This table can be utilized for various purposes. It is generally appropriate for individuals that require a lot of room to do their work. The top of the desk makes a lot of room for you to keep plenty of documents, PCs, or other office supplies. This table is not just for CEOs. They can also be utilized in the meeting room. You can also use this table in your home for writing, reading novels, and doing your assignments.

Care Instructions:

  1. Do not keep the table in direct sunlight.
  2. Keep the table in places with low humidity. Do not keep it anywhere with high humidity as its material may get destroyed.
  3. Do not use a lot of water to wash the table, rather use a wet towel or cloth to clean it.
  4. Do not bring any sharp objects near the table as they might damage the material.
  5. Try not to keep the table anywhere near a fireplace as it will be easily destroyed.

You can purchase this product from the best online interior design company Dexterity. You can also visit our Facebook or Instagram page to order this executive table. Don’t miss the chance and buy this beautiful table at a very reasonable price from Dexterity.


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