Lois Executive Table

Furniture Type: Executive Table

Size: L 72’’ X W 36’’ X H 30’’

Material: High-Quality MDF Melamine

Hardware: Drawer Locks, Handles & Channels

Fitting Type: KD Fitting

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Offices are for sure incomplete without an executive table. For the good image of your office, you should have a perfect table and you might be searching for it for a long time now. But you don’t have to worry because we have exactly what you want.

This executive table comes in brown and white color. Its stylish and streamlined appearance encourages the table to blend with the surrounding environment, emphasizes the architecture, and makes the small room feel bigger. The executive desk is simple, elegant, timeless, and easy to take care of. It brings a modern and sophisticated appearance to the office. The entire thing is a work of art and you will not discover anything better anyplace in Pakistan aside from Dexterity.

The table is made of solid wood using MDF material so that it works for a long time, the material allows the table to withstand any weight. MDF protects the table from any damage. The table is done utilizing PVC Edging innovation to give incredible perfection and sparkle in this table.

It will provide enough space for everything. It has drawers that can be used to put all your files and documents in it and still someplace will be left if you want to put a lamp on it.

The table has drawers to keep all you require. For some additional room, the table accompanies a side rack where you get adequate room to put anything you need. You can get this delightful table from the best online furniture store Dexterity. We promise we offer reasonable prices so you will not at all think that your money is wasted. We have the best interior designers who make the best and new furniture designs each and every day.

Product Use:

You can keep the table anywhere you want in your office. You can keep it in the meeting room, conference room, reception area or in the boss’s room. You can also keep the table in your home. You can keep it in the study or your own room in your home. You can easily keep books, pens on it and still place will be left for decoration pieces. You can also keep this desk in your factory’s office or warehouses. This table can also be used in the doctor’s room.

Care Instructions:

  1. Keep the table in places with low humidity. High humidity is not at all good for the table.
  2. Keep the table away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may damage the table and its material.
  3. Clean the table with a wet towel or cloth and do not use excessive water to clean it as the material might get swelled up.
  4. Keep away all the sharp objects from the table like knives or screwdrivers. They can destroy the table’s surface.
  5. Do not place the table anywhere near the fire.

You can purchase this product now from the best online furniture company Dexterity. Do visit our Facebook or Instagram page to order this executive table.


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