Marcus Executive Table

Furniture Type: Executive Table

Size: L 72’’ X W 36’’ X H 30’’

Material: High-Quality MDF Melamine

Hardware: Drawer Locks, Handles & Channels

Fitting Type: KD Fitting

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If you have a white or gray-themed executive room, this table might be the best executive table for you to purchase. The table features a beautiful color between black and white which adds up to the whole appearance of your executive room. An executive table should be able to add to the attitude of the owner. This executive table does exactly that. It has an iconic look that makes the room look much luxurious and the boss look extremely classy. If you are a luxury lover, this table might be the best choice you could ever make for your office executive room.

The table features  MDF material to make a strong table that can hold anything for many years to come. MDF provides the table strength and expandability to make it hold weight and live longer with your office. The material also makes it look much more luxurious. MDF makes furniture look elegant and presentable with a beautiful shine. To make everything much better, the finish is done with PVC edging technology to refine every edge of the table and make it more presentable by giving it the smoothness and shine it needs.

This table comes with side racks to provide more space in order to keep everything in place. This side rack features drawers and spaces to keep all the necessary files and other stuff in it. The top surface of the side rack comes exactly in a position to the table to allow more space to place LCD and stationary material on it. The table has additional locked drawers so you can keep your personal belongings in it safe. The executive table and the side rack together work to give a big working space so you can keep everything you need on it and work as you are mean to so this table might be the right choice.

Product Use:

This product is made to be used as an executive table in your office room. If you have any better ideas for this table you can implement them as well. You can also place it in your home to provide working space. The table is great to be used in any kind of office. If you are a school principal, this might be great for that as well because the table offers enough space to place exactly anything on it so try it out now and be the boss.

Care Instructions:

  1. Protect the product against high humidity as it may cause the wood to split or crack.
  2. Protect from excessive heat. Do not place very close to a fireplace such as a heater or wood stove.
  3. Do not use excessive water to clean the table. Use a soaked cloth and a detergent with less chemical contents to prevent any damage.
  4. Protect from direct sunlight as it may cause the colors to fade away.
  5. Do not use any sharp objects on the table to prevent any damage to the top surface or the corners of this beautiful executive table.


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