Mele Manager Table

Furniture Type: Manager Table

Size: L 60’’ X W 36’’ X H 30’’

Material: High-Quality MDF Melamine

Hardware: Drawer Locks, Handles & Channels

Fitting Type: KD Fitting

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If you were on the hunt for a great manager table that could fit beside a wall, this might be the perfect piece of furnishing you need for your room. The white and light brown theme of this table makes it look elegant for any sized room with the perfect design. The table features a side rail that makes it fit perfectly beside a wall and provide a spacious working environment. The beautiful colors mix with a perfectly luxurious design to provide the most amazing manager table that you can find only at Dexterity, the best online office furniture store.

The table is made out of hardwood MDF material that makes it stronger and luxurious. MDF is a material that allows expandability to the furniture to allow it to survive different weather conditions. The product finishing is done using PVC edging technology which provides a smoother touch and a shinier surface for the product to look elegant. This table is a piece of art and shows the creativity and the attention Dexterity puts in its furniture to maintain its position as the best online furniture store in Pakistan. We never compromise on quality so purchase it now from our website or our social pages.

The wall side of the table features a drawer and a side rack which can be used as a mouse pad or a book rack. The drawer features great space to put in all your necessary files and paperwork. The side rack and the drawer are fixed in a floating position to provide a luxurious and unique design that you might not find anywhere else. The table also gives a hole for wires so there is no mess around you. With this table, you also get a spacious leg space so you can work comfortably while you are in your workspace. All these factors make this table worth buying so what are you waiting for? Click the button and get this delivered.

Product Use:

The product features a very luxurious office look which makes it perfect to be used in your office. If you have a shared office room, this table would be the best choice because it can fit beside a wall and provide a perfect workspace for you. The light colors make it perfect for any kind of office room. If you want to turn your bedroom into your office space, you can use this table there because it can fit in any place easily so get it now.

Care Instructions:

  1. MDF may expand due to high heat so do not place near a fireplace such as a heater or a wood stove.
  2. Direct sunlight may cause the colors to fade away to protect from direct sunlight.
  3. The product is very sensitive to humidity so do not place it in a room with very high humidity.
  4. Keep it clean. Use a soaked cloth to keep the surface clean.
  5. Do not use sharp objects on the surface as they may damage the product.

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