Paco Office Table

Furniture Type: Office Table

Size: L 48’’ X W 30’’ X H 30’’

Material: High-Quality MDF Melamine

Hardware: High-Quality Hardware & Fixture

Fitting Type: KD Fitting

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If you have been looking for one of the best office tables for a long time you are at the right place. Dexterity has the best piece of furniture for you. This table is a fine example of class, elegance, and style. You can only find this astounding table at the best online home and office furniture company Dexterity.

Dexterity brings the best designs for you daily and this table is a perfect example of excellence and brilliance. This incredible and stunning table brings a graceful look to your room. This table is a perfect example of elegance. It is made with perfection throughout. Its design is gleaming and glossy. It will give a stylish look to your room. This table comes in brown color and this color will go with every room and corner.

The material that is used to make it is MDF. That is why this table is so strong and sturdy. It can bear any weight you put on it. Even after putting a lot of weight on it, it will not lose its elegant look. This table will be used by you for years and you will not have any reason to replace it. MDF is a strong material and that is why this table is the best option for you to use. The table is finished using PVC technology which makes it look glossy and bright.

You can put your laptop and some stationary on the table. Still, some space will be left if you want to keep a lamp on it. It has side drawers that will provide you with enough space to put all your files and documents in it. You can put all the important files in it. It will provide you with enough space to put important things in it. You can buy this spectacular office table from Dexterity without any confusion because Dexterity never compromises on the quality and makes the best furniture for you every day.

Product Use:

The best thing about Dexterity is that we make furniture that goes with every room and style. So this table can be used anywhere you want to use it. You can keep it in your home and write your bills on it and read novels. It can also be kept in schools. You can also use it in your office. Its design is so good and elegant that it is perfect for every place. It can also be kept in factories.

Care Instructions:

  1. High humidity can damage the table so put it in a place with low humidity.
  2. Direct sunlight may cause damage to the table.
  3. Do not put any sharp objects near it to prevent damage.
  4. Do not place it near a fireplace, heater, or wood stove.
  5. The use of excessive water will damage the table.

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