Zaw Office Table

Furniture Type: Office Table

Size: L 48’’ X W 30’’ X H 30’’

Material: High-Quality MDF Melamine

Hardware: High-Quality Hardware & Fixture

Fitting Type: KD Fitting

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The table is one of the most important parts of any office. In fact, daily business operations and other functions are incomplete without tables. They are used to store files and folders, important documents, write and maintain computer systems. The office table is something that is often used throughout the day. Even if employees are out of the office during the holidays, their files, computers, and other items will be on their tables.

A classy and elegant office table should be placed in your office room. When you search for an office table you usually look for something luxurious, stylish, sophisticated, and exclusive. But all these factors are very difficult to find in one office table. Well, you can find all these qualities in this table from the biggest manufacturers of home and office furniture, Dexterity. This table is elegant and luxurious from every corner. This table will bring elegance and style to your room and you can only find this perfect table from Dexterity. It comes in a design that is outstanding and magnificent.

This table will last for centuries due to the material i.e.MDF. MDF is a strong material and it can bear any weight you put on it and still it will not lose its elegance. From top to bottom this table is a pure example of excellence and quality. Dexterity never compromises on the quality of furniture and this table is the best example of their brilliance. Its metallic legs are MS powder coated which makes them look very lustrous.

This office table comprises two unique colors black and grey and it will go with any room. It has drawers in it so you can keep everything in it you want to. The table’s surface itself provides a lot of space. You can put your laptop or computer on it. Still, someplace will be left for your stationery. You can get this fantastic and amazing table from the best online furniture company, Dexterity.

Product Use:

This brilliantly made table can be used as you may please. It has various uses. Its elegant and sophisticated look makes it suitable for every type of room. You can use it in your home, office or school. You can use it in any room in your office including the executive room, manager room, staff room, or reception. This table can be used anywhere you want to keep it. It can also be placed in factories.

Care Instructions:

  1. Do not place this table close to any fireplace.
  2. Direct sunlight can be a problem for the table. It can cause its color to fade away.
  3. Do not place any sharp objects near the table to prevent damage.
  4. Do not use excessive water to clean it.
  5. Keep it in places with low humidity. High humidity can be a problem.

You can buy this best piece of furniture from the best online company, Dexterity. You can visit our Facebook and Instagram page to order it right now.


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