Zingmund Executive Table

Furniture Type: Executive Table

Size: L 72’’ X W 36’’ X H 30’’

Material: High-Quality MDF Melamine & MS Powder Coated Legs

Hardware: Drawer Locks, Handles & Channels

Fitting Type: KD Fitting

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The desk is one of the best pieces of furniture for work and play, office and home. The options when buying a desk are limitless. So we have one of the best executive tables for you. The executive desk is the ruler of the workspace area so it should be perfect. When you go to buy an executive table, you look for a luxurious, stylish, elegant, and exclusive one. This table has all these properties. So you can end your search here and buy this sophisticated table for your office.

This table has a load of drawers and a large surface area enough to store all your files. We are sure that it provides a lot of space for a computer tower and monitor.  But its space does not end here, it provides storage for cables, stationery, and any other stuff that you may need to put on your table. This table is built with efficiency and simplicity with added space for hardware components.

This table has a large storage area for the CPU. Even after putting all these things, space will be left for your scanner and printer. All these factors in one table can only be found in the tables of the biggest manufacturers of office and home furniture i.e Dexterity.

This table is made up of pure MDF material and its metal legs are MS powder coated. Its finishing is done using PVC edging technology to provide a smooth, shiny surface with zero problems. Stability and strength are significant aspects of MDF. So this table will stay at your home or office for ages.

Product Use:

This table can be used in your office. It can be used in an employee’s cabinet or the boss’s room. This table is perfect for offices and small meetings. If you have a small meeting in your office you can easily use this table as it provides a lot of space for all the paperwork. This table can also be used in your home. You can buy it for your kids and they easily adjust all their books, notebooks, and guidebooks on the table. You can also keep it in your living room if you want to give it an elegant and classy look. It can also be used in a Principal’s office.

Care Instructions:

  1. Try not to put it extremely near a chimney or a heater and wood oven.
  2. Keep it away from direct sunlight as the color may fade away.
  3. The material can easily be destroyed by high humidity so try to keep it in a place with low humidity.
  4. Do not keep any sharp objects near the table as they can cause damage to its material.
  5. Do not wash it with excessive water as the executive table may be destroyed by a lot of water being used.

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